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THROUGH ADVERSITY We have spend many years using our skills to help and promote places and people we felt needed or deserved support. As principal of the Catswebcom Project and after 20+ years of mental health issues, including the will to not continue, which was not admitted till recently. I now feel ready to give more back after spending years not admitting or dwelling on my own problems. Following my recent “holiday” I believe the help I received at last has placed me in a better place. I and my project need to spend the rest of our time supporting the community I feel was let down by uncontrollable circumstances. It’s true what is said it takes years to build up a reputation and a second to lose it. I hope and pray I can again use my limited skills to help the community, we shall see, at this time the world seems forgetful of the good times and unforgiving which make us feel isolated and very lonely.

Helping the Community to Connect

Supporting mental health

CatsWebCom designed websites are engaging,

functional and distinctive. From your first online steps to

a fully-fledged website, we can build you a professional

and easily maintained or fully managed site that does

exactly what you need it to do.

Developing computer and web skills along the way


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Web Design, Hosting and Community Support

We are able to provide you access to a team of specialised volunteers that have a passion for technology and the many benefits it can bring

to your business/home/organisation systems and communications.

We look at providing complete solutions and will take the time to fully understand not only your requirements, but also your organisation,

this is key to providing a web solution that fits YOU.

We explain things in simple terms that make it easy for you to fully understand and we recommend processes that would suit you and tell

you why. We then make technology work for you and yours, with as little interruption as possible.

To receive free support, do you fit the criteria

Charitable group, Volunteer, Disabled/Disadvantaged, Community Involved

We will supply support to any group or individual but may in some cases make a nominal charge


We specialise in working with charities, community

groups and public sector projects. We also love working

with local businesses and artists.


Website Design and Hosting + Support

We have thrived on the most arduous and demanding tasks, from Norfolk to the Home Counties to the North

East of Scotland, the Midlands to the flat and powerful landscape of the fens. On again to the wonders of

Pembrokeshire West Wales with its wonderful beaches, stunning scenery and welcoming people

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